I asked my long time friend and legendary engineer Joe Tortorici to write some words about our 3 decade professional history leading up to my next CD project. And this is what he wrote. Thanks Joe you write as well as you record!

“When Frank asked me to reminisce on our professional history, it became an avalanche of smiles and memorable recordings covering over three decades. Our first meeting was in the early eighties at the crucible of performance for every musician of note, The Bulls. Audience and artist where, quite literally, in touch.

The Ken Chaney Xperience was to document their night at The Bulls and I was there to record the event. It was a band of giants. Duke Payne, Vern Alyson, and Frank backed up the “Maestro” in a funky, rocking pair of sets. The faithful were in attendance and urged each player on to greater heights. This was my first memory of a Frank Russell solo and how he could command the room. The same band entered the recording studio shortly after that show. Once again, every performance was a gem and every solo memorable.

I caught up with Frank nearing the release of his break-out CD, “Circle Without End” in 2011. The prophetic nature of this title came to pass as, once again, I had the good fortune to record Frank and a spectacular, all-star band at the legendary Mayne Stage. The orchestra and the SRO crowd hummed like an engine.

From my perspective, “Circle Without End” also marked an advance in the production art for Frank. The writing and recording mesh to form an experience. The listener is compelled to listen to the set as a whole event. Frank puts himself on the path to glory once again with an incredible band and a vision. His newest project, “Influences,” can be nothing less than the sum of my friend’s life. Constant innovation and command of the room.”

Joe Tortorici – Sound Engineer

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