Frank Russell’s CD Circle Without End is the real deal. Congrats Frank!

Jim Tullio – Legendary Grammy & Emmy award winning producer, engineer and musician


The CD is really great. I’m proud to have been involved with such a fantastic project. There’s a lot of love here and quite a lot of wonderful music.

Darryl Jones – Bassist


I listened (so far) twice through. An outstanding CD, congratulations! Great playing, tight writing, nice variety of moods and textures. I wish you every success with this record, it will be well deserved! There is also a healthy balance between uncompromising blowing on some tracks and more palatable approach on others; it should be attractive to the hard-core fusion fans, but also have commercial appeal to the more mellow-minded crowd. Finally, excellent production and CD design. It’s obvious that you poured a lot of energy, heart and thinking into this project. Go Frank!

Zvonimir Tot – Jazz Guitarist


Vintage fusion lives – with a 90s sheen and a 21st-century twist – courtesy of Chicago bass guitarist Frank Russell. He’s funneled an all-star cast of modern Chi-town stars into arrangements as crisp and bracing as a stiff wind off Lake Michigan.

Neil Tesser – Jazz critic and author


Frank’s arranging prowess and versatility on the bass are palpable on this CD! He demonstrates a wide variety of bass playing, from funky slapping, R&B grooving, lyrical fretless and tasteful five-string, Frank is a great player and a great groover. With two solid releases under his belt this dutiful sideman is solidifying his standing as an established solo artist.

Jon Liebman – Noted bass author and player


Frank Russell With His New Release Of Circles Without End Cd Shows how much thought, vision, and care that was put into His music. A Beautiful work of art,so enjoyable for the ear and heart. Thank You! for Blessing us with your music!

Chuckaluck – Founder Of Bass Tribes Online Magazine


Frank Russell’s newest release is filled with a wide range of wonderful moments, but the common thread throughout is his mastery and very consistent identity as both accompanist and soloist. Frank’s sound, always musical, changes to fit the variety of moods found on the CD. He is a very lyrical soloist with a fine sense of melody, which makes sense when we hear the quality of his writing. He is also a great groove player, so the guests on the record are all heard to great advantage. This disc is simply a blast, from front to back.

Larry Gray – Jazz bassist


“All I can say is Wow. I love it.”

Michael Manson bassist with George Duke, Al Jarreau and solo artist


Uncle Miles always said the funkiest bass players were from Chicago with this CD Frank Russell proves him right.

Time to Get Out and Share it with The World!!! Global Baby. Incredible CD from an Incredible Musician. We are The Messengers…Of Music…Period!!!

Vince Wilburn Jr. – Drummer and nephew of Miles Davis


Awesome recording.

Orbert Davis – Trumpeter and Artistic Director of the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic


I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Frank for decades and he is one of the people that simply characterize the electric bass. “Circle Without End” is a pivotal turn in his creativity. The composition and arrangement will prove itself a benchmark for the idiom. It is lush, melodic, full of imagination, and funky as hell. The mixing of Vijay Tellis-Nayak and Dennis Tousana is stellar and this was no simple task considering the rich layers and textures that embody every track. Add the artistic touch of Danny Leake in mastering and you hear a work that will stand the test of time…as an icon. This is one of Chicago’s best jazz albums of the year.

Joe Tortorici – Studio engineer


Frank’s new CD is nothing less than killer!!! It demands your attention from the first track, written by Bobby Irving III. The collection of tunes makes it a well-rounded CD. It displays Frank’s skills as a bassist and a seasoned songwriter. Excellent melodic melodies played with such emotion as displayed on one ballad he wrote for his granddaughter (one of my favorites). OK, ATTENTION CHICAGO BASS PLAYERS!!! There’s a track that features Frank, Darryl “Munch” Jones & Richard Patterson! All I will say about this track is that aside for being smokin…! It was well executed by three Chicago bassist at the top of their game! You can hear the respect they have for one another on this track. NO EGOS HERE! This track alone is worth the purchase TRUST ME! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire CD. I might sound a little biased because Frank is a friend & I’m a fan of his first CD but, I think this CD has something for everyone to enjoy. Frank has definitely stepped it up. Looking forward to see him perform these tunes live.

Ron Hall – In demand Chicago bass guitarist


Yet another great jazz CD from Chicago Bassist Frank Russell. Great players, great songs and great melodies.

Larry Martin Kimpel – Bassist for Frankie Beverly and Maze


Frank has not only done his homework, but created some homework for musicians like myself, who like challenging bass playing and extremely melodic solos. These original compositions were all very well written with meaning behind each. He also has many great players on this album who contributed songs and solos. The tune “Quick Pix” features Darryl Jones, Richard Patterson and Frank and displays why they are very well received and respected by the tops in the industry. If you like the group SMV, you will LOVE this tune because it celebrates masterful bass guitar playing and how they can complement each other on the same tune. Otherwise, no complaints on a very creative effort by bassist, vocalist, composer, producer, arranger, and pretty decent guy Frank Russell. This one stays in the car CD carousel until the next one comes out!!

Mike Sterling – Bass guitarist


Killer CD!!! Lots of feel and beautiful compositions. I need some of what Frank has been having.

Josh Ramos – Bassist for Ramsey Lewis


I love this CD!! Great tunes, marvelous playing! I know about the hard work it took to produce!

Jeff Brown – Educator and drummer


A masterful job of integrating his prodigious bass chops with strong compositions and wonderfully lyrical melodies. AND he’s secure enough to “share the stage” with other masterful musicians (even bassists) for the betterment of the project. This is one impressive album…Period. Not just for bass fiends (like me), but anyone and everyone with a sense for quality, beautifully executed, all-encompassing jazz music.

Duane McClendon – Bass player and childhood friend


I just downloaded Frank Russell’s Circle Without End From iTunes. I must say that, me being from the original “School of Jazz Fusion”, this is without a doubt reminiscent of what was going down in the mid 70″s to mid 80’s. Some of the best Jazz /Fusion (and music in general) was recorded during that era & Frank has truly captured the essence of that genre without comprise or sounding dated. Excellent production & quality musicians with a great mix. Makes me want to pick up my Bass & play along (sooner or later)…Frank, you nailed it!!! Not a review but a testimony

Grant Austin – Bassist with Theresa Griffin


Frank’s CD is off the chain!! Support this brother and buy his CD it is Awesome!! And when Grammy time comes around vote for Frank’s. Much Love!!

Tony Mhoon – Bassist


Finally bought Frank Russell’s new CD! Yes Frank I dropped some ducats!! Great to see somebody from back in the day still playing like there’s no tomorrow!! We came up in the ranks from the Jazz Bulls days. Everybody had to play or go home and Frank showed how it should be done!! Killin’ Frank!!

Wally Hustin – Bassist


Love the writing and performances and the musicians on this project. It is a very mature sound…and fresh.

Lonnie Plaxico – Acclaimed Grammy Award winning bassist


I just finished listening to Frank Russell’s latest CD “Circle Without End” and it was an enjoyable experience. It is a difficult task to produce a CD that features bass (an instrument generally thought of as support for the harmonic structure of western music.) Frank thoughtfully and carefully presents his virtuosity and creativity in a way that engages and entertains, but ultimately, I was impressed because the great bassist I’ve known for many years allowed me to know him personally. It’s rare to find a bassist with the ability to personalize the music to the extent that Frank has. I really hear his heart in the music.

Great Job Frank.

Here’s To Life,

Larry Hanks


The CD sounds great, Very cool compositions. I really enjoy the vocals on them. Nice big fat harmonies, I like the envelope filter on the bass in contrast to the other basses. It gives it a lyrical horn kind of a voice.

Bob Baglione – Guitarist


I’ve enjoyed the CD. Frank’s groove and lead playing are smoking and the band is super tight. Really soulful writing and I especially like the tune Frank wrote for his granddaughter.

Ryan Cohen – Pianist


I was humming a tune the other day when I realized it was the tune Frank wrote called Desi In Sedona on the CD. The sign of a great tune.

Norm Stockton – Bassist


What a wonderful CD. Frank brought this one on home.

Jimmy Allen – Bassist


When you play an instrument your notes have to matter. Not to take over a song but to enhance the song and show a oneness therewith. This is how Frank Russell plays. He has found the subtle balance between flexing and chilling. A lot of musicians can make a special note of this.

Theodore McClendon – Singer and radio personality


Frank’s music is felt from his heart to ours. It is a blessing to those who can hear him all over the world! Thumbs up Frank!!!

Wayne Gray – Keyboardist


Frank’s music paints a tapestry of colors that can only be described as magnificent!!!

David Williams – bassist


The CD is truly a gem. The tunes you wrote are beautiful. your tone is sweet, mellow and full. The bass lines whether background or solos are lyrical and singing. The passion is there, the technique is breath taking. What else can one ask for? I truly hope this CD will take you where you need to be, that is at the top!

Cecile Savage Bassist


I lOVE the CD!!!!!! And I listen to lotsssssss of music… it’s beautiful and so well done. What a great demonstration of your artistry and choices!!! Very heartfelt and great musicianship and so interesting and well put together. Again…I love it!

Alain Quinn Singer



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